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Mnichovo Hradiště

A town was established in half of the 13th century. It was a center of a Cistercian estate. There is a Neo-Renaissance town hall on the square. The most interesting monuments in the town is a Baroque chateau with its original time interiors, collection of Delphian faience, china and a library of the Wallenstein family of Duchcov. The Chateau also inludes a complex of the Capuchin monastery from the 17th century, church and chapel of St. Ann with the crypt of Albrecht Wallenstein, one of the most important inhabitant of town. There is also the museum in the area of chateau, where are displayed figure beehives from the year 1850 and a model of rock castle Drábské světničky (Drábské rooms). You can also visit a lapidary of Baroque statues in the church of the three Kings. Very pleasant walk is in a near English park with a Baroque pavilion Salla terrena and a French garden.

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Mnichovo Hradiště - chapel of St. AnneMnichovo Hradiště - chapel of St. Anne
Chapel of St. Anna
Mnichovo Hradiště - church of St. JacobMnichovo Hradiště - church of St. Jacob
Church of St. James
Drábské světničkyDrábské světničky
Drábské světničky
Drábské světničkyDrábské světničky
Drábské světničky